Can I copy content from other sources to put on MDN?

In general, we do not approve of copying content from other sources and putting it on MDN. MDN should be made up of original content wherever possible. If we receive a pull request and discover that it contains plagiarized content, we will close it and request that the submitter resubmit the change with the content rewritten into their own words.

If someone wants to donate an article to MDN that they previously published on their blog or it makes sense to copy a complex reference sheet to MDN there may be justification for republishing it. In these cases you should discuss your plan with the MDN team first:

  1. Include a comment on the relevant repo issue that explains your intention — say what you would like to copy (include the URL) and explain why you think this is appropriate.
  2. If the content is published under a closed license:
    • If you hold the rights to the content, state this, and say that you are happy to republish it on MDN.
    • If you do not hold the rights to the content, include the author/publisher on the issue if possible, or include details of how they could be contacted so we can ask them for permission to republish the content.
  3. If the content is published under an open license, say what it is, and link to the license so we can check whether it is compatible with MDN’s license.
  4. @-mention chrisdavidmills on the issue, so he can review the request.

Be warned that unless there is a good reason to republish the content, we will probably say “no”. The MDN writing team’s decision is final.

Last modified September 12, 2022: fix: MD029 ordered style (#20579) (c7048a8743)